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The K-pop stage returns to Armageddon, bigger and better than before!

K-pop, Korean Pop Music, has become a truly global phenomenon for it's combination of oustanding music production, choreography, stages and variety of artists. For many Kiwis, K-pop is now a way of living, so we're bringing a taste of it to Armageddon through a show-stopping dance competition!

K-pop crews from across New Zealand will bring their best performances to the main stage on October 24th 2-4pm, and compete for a GRAND PRIZE of $700. We've invited three talented judges to find out who is the best of the best - look out for the judges showcase during the show!

PLUS, we’re hosting a ‘Random Dance Play’ on Saturday 23rd from 4.30pm at the Just Dance area. Come and dance with us, we’ll see you there!~
Check out what this sort of event will look like here: 

We are ELIT-IS, a K-pop dance crew formed through En Beat Dance Academy. This year, we've had the privelage to be invited to perform at events such as K-pop Party, K-Festival, and the K-Culture Festival in Wellington, just to name a few.
Through hosting this event, we hope to not only spread the word of K-pop to potential fans, but to continue to unite the current K-pop community in New Zealand.

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We look forward to seeing you all soon!~

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