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Frost Flame Games is the brainchild of Buddy Frost, Rox Flame, and Alex Matthews - three passionate kiwi game developers who are taking on the world.

We are an end-to-end, full service game creation engine for both digital and table-top games with the following focuses:

  • Game development
  • Product development and incubation / support services for other game developers
  • Games publishing and promotion

Started as an initiative for publishing their own game titles, Frost Flame quickly grew as a concept company to nurture and grow other peoples games as well. We are particularly interested in contributing to the NZ game development eco-system and generate global success stories that start here.

With 2020 seeing the release of its flagship board game title, Pave, Frost Flame is excited to finally share this simple, addictive game that we hope will become a kiwi classic.


Some people say Pavé was a Neolithic invention, first played by cave people in Southern France tens of thousands of years ago - and that Napoleon took inspiration from it during his conquests of Europe. Others claim it heralds from pre-dynastic Egypt and was a war strategy game the pharaoh's originally played - further solidified by Saharan Bedouin’s still playing it to this today using lines in the sand and camel dung.

Others say that it is a simple game invented by Buddy Frost in 2017 Wellington, while hung over one morning following a party at Rox’s house. These same people say that it is a basic piece domination game played on a grid, and a classic example of kiwi innovation to create a highly engaging, competitive board game experience.

Nobody is really sure. But we are confident that it is super fun, quick to learn, and accessible to all ages and cultures. It is a highly satisfying, simple game that makes you smack your forehead and say ‘Damn! Why Didn’t I think of this?’ The game is so simple and yet emergently complex, it is the 'tomato and basil spaghetti' of the gaming world.

Intrigued? Confused? Great. Come and discover Pavé for yourself, and see if you can beat us at a game of it!

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Upcoming Events

Wellington Armageddon

April 10-12th 2020, Sky Stadium
Easter Weekend
Friday April 10th – Noon to 5pm
Saturday April 11th – 10am to 5pm
Sunday April 12th – 10am to 4pm