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These are the droids you’re looking for!

Making an appearance at this year’s Wellington Armageddon on Stand #36G are everyone’s favourite robotic sidekicks, ably assisted by their creator, Matt Reading.

Droid builder and self-confessed geek, Matt, made his first foray into the world of props and costuming in 2013 with a foam based Iron Man Mk4 armour. Finding a love for creating and sharing costumes and props, a series of other costumes quickly followed including a giant 7ft tall Space Marine which made appearances at two previous Wellington Armageddons. A life-long fan of the Star Wars franchise, Matt's attention was drawn to the loveable, but physically impossible droid BB8. How amazing would it be (he thought to himself) to be able to have a BB8 in real life? Not quite realising the scale of the task in hand, Matt set about working out how to create a real, working BB8 droid. After a year of work, including teaching himself computer coding from scratch, Matt was the proud owner of a real, full size, working BB8 droid. Taking BB8 to various exhibitions and seeing the reactions from fans, only served to stoke the droid building fire, and since creating BB8, Matt has also scratch built a Star Wars Mouse Droid (famous only for a 6 second sequence during the faux capture of Chewbacca on the Death Star), and everyone’s favourite bucket of bolts, R2D2.

Matt will be bringing his robotic creations to Armageddon, and allowing you to get up close and personal with them for selfies, meet and greets, and also will be giving demonstrations throughout the day. Matt loves sharing all the knowledge and experience he has gained in the construction of his screen accurate robotic chums, and is looking forward to meeting like-minded, Star Wars obsessed fans!

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