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2020 Judge

Introducing the 2020 Armageddon cosplay competition judge, Rianne Elizabeth! Also known as Elizabeth’s world!
Costumier by day and cosplayer by night.

Cosplay Judge Ri is returning for her second year of the contest. She is a fourth-generation seamstress and picked up the sewing bug when she was 7 years old, making quilts, doing embroidery and creating clothing all before reaching intermediate school. She has skill in sewing, leatherworking, embroidery, armour and prop making.

In 2010 she made and created her first costume for a convention and fell in love with cosplay and the community. She has previously competed in the Armageddon cosplay competitions herself from 2012 to 2016, earning multiple prizes for her work over the years. You may recognise her for her cosplays such as Anastasia, Captain Hook and Princess Fiona. After competing in the competitions herself, she then became the cosplay competition’s MC for two years, which you might also recognise her for.
Ri is also hugely invested in the “geek culture” which Armageddon shares and loves: fandoms such as Harry Potter, Disney and Ru Paul’s Drag Race, because who doesn’t love a flashy drag costume.

At the end of 2017, she graduated from the Toi Whakaari Costume Construction diploma where she studied under the previous judge of the Armageddon comp, Kaarin Slevin.
Since graduating she has made commissions for clients of cosplay, ballet and performing arts. She’s worked on multiple shows and theatre productions both on and behind the scenes, including being a wardrobe coordinator and dresser for the World of Wearable arts, creating costumes for the Royal New Zealand Ballet and has been wardrobe coordinator for shows such as the Summer Shakespeare festival. Most recently she has been contracting for Weta Workshop as a costume technician.

She loves a challenge and always pushing herself to make something new and amazing. She is looking forward to meeting all this year’s contestants and be able to intertwine both her professional and cosplay knowledge into judging this year’s Armageddon Cosplay Competition.

2020 Judging Team

Important 2020 Dates

Entries must be submitted using the online form by 11.59pm on the due date in the weeks prior to the competition date. Please remember - Your costume/s do not need to be completed to submit your registration form!

Registration Closing Dates

Please note, due to the postponement of the Christchurch, Tauranga and Wellington events, and as they are currently scheduled to be held three weekends in a row, we have decided to use the same due date for all three events. This is to allow the judge enough time to be able to read through everyone's entries without having to find time when travelling between the events. Registrations for these three events this year will now be due before 11.59pm, Wednesday 8th July 2020. 

  • Christchurch - 11.59pm, Wednesday 8th July
  • Tauranga - 11.59pm, Wednesday 8th July
  • Wellington - 11.59pm, Wednesday 8th July
  • Auckland - 11.59pm, Sunday 11th October

Judging and Presentation Dates

Judging - Saturday 18th
Main Stage Presentation - Sunday 19th July
Judging - Saturday 25th
Main Stage Main Stage Presentation - Sunday 26th July
Judging - Saturday 1st
Main Stage Presentation - Sunday 2nd August
Judging - Saturday 24th/Sunday 25th /Monday 26th October (dependent on number of entries)
Main Stage Presentation - Monday 26th October
Armageddon Cosplay Contest Champion chosen
Auckland - Monday 26th October

Rules, Forms and Guides


2020 Auckland Entry Form

Please note: any images captured of you in your cosplay may be used to promote the contest. For more information please see our photography disclaimer here.

Please message the Armageddon Facebook Page if you have any questions.

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Auckland Contest 2019


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Wellington Armageddon

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Tauranga Armageddon

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