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CosPLAY Theatre
3pm Main Stage

Experience the ‘play’ side of Cosplay by joining us to watch live cosplay performances – also known as skits!

What is a ‘skit’ you ask?
Skits are short performances – they can be funny, serious, parody, live-action renditions of the source material, dances, monologues, action pieces and any other kind of performance you can dream of. In the context of cosplay, they’re short performances based around the characters the performers are cosplaying as.

How does cosPLAY Theatre work?
• This event is non-competitive – it’s just for fun!
• You can wear any costume whether store bought or home made (so long as it’s not a health and safety risk of course!)
• Amateur and professionals alike are all welcome to take part

If you’d like to watch then feel free to stop here and come check us out at the time above.


If you’d like to take part, here’s what you need to know:

  • This event may take place on a raised stage that has stairs on either side to enter on, so please keep in mind when planning your cosplay that you may need to be able to go up and down stairs without much assistance.
  • There are screens and speakers available for use. Screens may be off to the side of the stage rather than above the stage – if it is important to know the position of the screen for your skit, please enquire.
  • There is no stage lighting/SFX available but we may be able to turn on and off the house lights for your skit if desired. Please enquire if this is of interest.
  • You can enter solo or as part of a group – if your group is large though keep in mind there may be limited stage space.
  • You are welcome to do set dressing on a BYO basis, but this must be able to be set up & removed within 2 minutes.
  • You are welcome to use ‘stage ninjas’ – please include these helpers on your registration. They do not need to be in costume – we suggest they dress in all black so they're less distracting.
  • If you’d like advice on creating and performing a skit, there is a great write up here: (note that this is written in reference to cosplay competition skits so some points are not relevant here). Otherwise we suggest asking the Cosplay New Zealand Facebook group for advice: 



  • You must pre-register by email before 11.59pm Friday 13 October. You are encouraged to email and reserve your place before this date so we can decide which stage to use for the event – see 'How to register' for details.
  • Audio must be pre-recorded (including all dialogue, music, SFX, etc) and submitted with your registration email in MP3 format (unless you are using a video; see below). This requirement is for technical reasons. If you are unfamiliar with audio recording & editing software, we recommend as it’s free and there are many tutorials out there. (Musical performances may be partially pre-recorded: please enquire for details if interested.)
  • If you require video, this must be pre-edited into one file (including all video clips, images, blank screens and audio) and submitted with your registration email in MP4 format. This requirement is for technical reasons.
  • No swearing, hatespeak or nudity, regardless of canon in your series – Armageddon is a family friendly event and it is likely that there will be children watching.
  • No acrobatics – regardless of how well trained you are, we aren’t willing to risk you accidentally hitting the expensive audio/visual equipment (or worse, an audience member!). If you’d like to perform a ‘fight scene’, consider using ‘slow-mo’ stylisation like this excellent example: 
  • Skits must be within the following time limits – Solo: 2 minutes 30 seconds, Groups: 4 minutes
  • Skits must be scripted/pre-planned; for example, choreographed dances are welcome, but no audience wants to sit through 4 minutes of random boogie-ing. ;) As audio must be pre-recorded, we are unable to facilitate improv at this time.
  • We only have an hour timeslot which means we may have to limit entry numbers. If entry limits are reached, we will update this page and announce as much on the Cosplay New Zealand Facebook group.
  • If you enter and then change your mind, please advise us as soon as possible. The later you leave it, the more disruptive the change will be. :)

If your entry does not meet one of the above criteria it may be declined. Please feel free to email any questions to organiser Jessica at


How to register:

We encourage you to reserve your place even if your entry isn’t ready yet. These reservations will help us decide on 1 September whether to run the event on the Main Stage or one of the smaller stages.

To reserve your spot, please email your incomplete entry form to us any time before the final deadline. Once your spot is reserved, you have until the final deadline to resupply your completed entry form and your skit file.

Entry form:

Email the below details with your skit MP3/MP4 file to before 11.59pm Friday 13 October. Once your entry has been received, you'll receive a confirmation email, and once entries have closed you'll receive a further email with instructions for the day of the performance.

Your entry name (what you want to be introduced as on the day):
Solo or group:
Your real name/s:
Character/s you’re cosplaying as and the series they’re from:
A mobile number (This is compulsory – it will be kept private and for emergency contact only):
Skit duration (length of your audio file):
Have you attached your file, in mp3/mp4 format:
Does your skit involve any stage ninjas? If yes, list their names here:
Do you require setup time for any stage dressings (must be able to put up and take down within 2min)? If yes, please describe your stage dressings and include how long they take you to set up:
Skit script/description:

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