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IFWG PUBLISHING is proud to launch a landmark anthology of new horror fiction linking H. P. Lovecraft’s legendary Mythos to the country of New Zealand: CTHULHU LAND OF THE LONG WHITE CLOUD (‘CLLWC’)!
A dozen brilliant New Zealand writers have written stories especially for this collection, compiled by the award-winning editorial team of STEVE PROPOSCH, BRYCE STEVENS and CHRISTOPHER SEQUEIRA, with an introduction by KAARON WARREN.
Appearing at ARMAGEDDON EXPO AUCKLAND, signing copies of CLLWC will be Christopher Sequeira himself, as well as authors: J. C. HART; JANE PERCIVAL; and GRANT STONE.  The team will also be speaking at a special panel at 3:00 pm on the Sunday of the show!
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Sequeira is a writer and editor specializing in the mystery, horror, science fiction, fantasy and superhero genres. His short stories have been published in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. He has written for many comic-book publishers including Marvel, Black House, DC, Boom Studios, and Dynamite. He currently writes a few different continuities for Frew Publications for THE PHANTOM, Australia’s best-selling comic-book, including the well-received PHANTOM BY GASLIGHT.

Under the ‘Horror Australis’ moniker he works with fellow editors Bryce Stevens and Steve Proposch on a series of anthologies, such as the award-winning CTHULHU DEEP DOWN UNDER; and now he debuts CTHULHU LAND OF THE LONG WHITE CLOUD on behalf of his colleagues at Armageddon Auckland!

(Also, an exciting comic-book project he will have available as a sampler at Auckland is his co-production with long-time artistic partner W. CHEW CHAN on the classic literary character and (one-time Marvel Comics arch-villain!) DOCTOR FU MANCHU!)


J.C. Hart is a lover of pizza, coffee, and zombies (in no particular order). She was raised on a healthy diet of horror, science fiction, and fantasy, and despite many attempts by various English teachers has refused to budge on her position that these are the best genres ever.

When she’s not raising her horde of wonderfully creepy children or dreaming of the day she’ll have an army of ninja kittens, she’s writing speculative fiction, or enjoying her fave TV shows, movies, and games. 

She is a Sir Julius Vogel Award winner and Australian Shadows Award finalist.

You can find her on twitter @JCHart, Instagram at just.cassie.hart, or at her website


Jane Percival lives with her husband, Ben, at rural South Head, adjacent to the Kaipara Harbour. 

The notion of the unpredictability of the natural world is a thread that runs through many of her short stories, and in keeping with many New Zealand writers, her narratives often touch on a person’s feelings of loneliness and isolation, and explore the ways that people interact with their surroundings, which in turn, can shape their thoughts and actions. 

Jane’s first introduction to speculative fiction was an Edgar Allan Poe anthology discovered on her parents’ book shelf when she was young, and as a teenager and young adult, she devoured with relish any fantasy, horror, or science fiction story she could lay her hands on. 

The creepiness of H. P. Lovecraft’s classic horror stories has always rested heavily on her mind. The suggestion that there is only a thin veil between our safe and settled lives and the other… a world of terror and chaos… this is enough to arouse fear in anyone.

Jane has an occasional blog, which can be found at


Grant Stone’s stories have appeared in Island, Shimmer, Strange Horizons and Semaphore, and have twice won the Sir Julius Vogel Award. His novella, The Last, is available from Paper Road Press and his short story collection Everything is Fine is available from More details, including free stories can be found at

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