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Come Play Board Games With Us! :zap:
Join us in the Game Kings Board Game Zone at Wellington Armageddon for some chilled out fun & entertainment! Plus, admission for this event within Armageddon is completely freeWe’re bringing along a huge variety of board games for you to play with your pals! Whether you’re into strategy games, hilarious party games or quick and easy card games - we’ve got something for everyone. 
We'll have tables going on a first-in first-served basis with play time limited to about 1 hour at a time; don't worry, we'll let you finish your game of Catan 👍

We can't wait to see you there!

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Upcoming Events

Wellington Armageddon

April 17-18th 2021, Sky Stadium
9am to 5pm Both Days

Christchurch Armageddon

May 29-30th 2021, Christchurch Arena
9am to 5pm Both Days