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Armageddon Plugged is the first of its kind e-sports event in New Zealand, sponsored by the Christchurch Casino and RacingSims. This is for gamers to experience anything from traditional console gaming all the way through to professional racing simulation utilizing the latest in VR technology.

Armaggeddon Plugged is free to play, free to explore and with competitions and prize giveaways this is a must for all gamers.

We are proud to host the premiere of the most immersive car racing simulator the world has seen, join RacingSims for the worldwide launch of their GT Earthquake Limited Edition simulator, literally feel the engine rumble while you are waiting for the lights to go green at Bathurst.

Come and see us on stand #70 at Armageddon Plugged at Horncastle Arena July 18th/19th

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Upcoming Events

Auckland Armageddon

October 23-26th 2020, ASB Showgrounds
Friday 23rd October - 6pm to 9pm
Saturday 24th October - 9am to 5pm
Sunday 25th October - 9am to 5pm
Monday 26th October - 9am to 5pm

Christchurch Armageddon

March 6-7th 2021, Horncastle Arena
10am to 5pm Both Days

Tauranga Armageddon

June 12-13th 2021, Baypark Arena
10am to 5pm Both Days