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Tournament Format

Free-For-All: On the Friday night of the event prior to the Tournament kicking off we will be hosting a FFA $2000 tournament. Players will be put into pools of 8 with the top 4 moving to the next round until only 8 remain to fight for the NZ FFA Title.

Pool Play: On Saturday Teams will be drawn on the day into pools of 4 where they will play in a single round robin format. The top team from each pool will go progress to the championship bracket. If required due to attendance numbers the 2nd place teams will be placed in an additional pool to determine the remaining spots on the Saturday evening.

Championship Bracket: Sunday will feature an 8 team double elimination championship bracket-style will determine the tournament winner. This is the main event of the weekend, the winner will take home the lion’s share of the $18,000 starting prize pool. Think you’ve got what it takes to make the championship bracket?


Friday 10th June – 6pm to 9pm – FFA Comp
Saturday 11th June – 10am to 7pm – Halo 4v4 Pool Play
Sunday 12th June – 10am to 5pm Championship Sunday top 8 Single Elimination


4v4 - Please note, prize breakdown is PER TEAM (so divided by 4 players where applicable)

1st - $9000
2nd - $4500
3rd - $2255
4th - 5th - $800
6th - 8th - $215

Free For All Friday

Winner - $2000 - SOLO prize



Players will need to register to be put into teams, and will also be sent these links through iTicket.
They can register at the event but early placement is prefered.

Halo 4v4 Registration
Free For All Registration


Tournament Rules

Team Competition
Teams are defined as a roster made up of four (4) Players (required) and one (1) Coach (optional) that participate together in team competitions within the event. Participants are prohibited from competing on more than one (1) Team within a single competition.

Code of Conduct
All Participants are expected to exercise courtesy, professionalism, and respect while participating in the event. All Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which reflects positively on their Team or Organization, the event, Administration, affiliates, members of the press, and any other Participants, affiliates, or fans of the event. Failure to comply with this philosophy may result in exclusion from the event.

Competing fairly and to the best of your ability is important towards fostering a healthy competitive environment, and the Administration is committed to ensuring the facilitation of fair competition throughout the duration of the Program and beyond.
Any form of cheating, whether intentional or not, by any Participant is strictly prohibited. Participants are required and expected to maintain cognizance of these Official Rules and any form of cheating or violation of these rules, or the spirit of these rules, either intentionally or unintentionally, will result in penalties.

Participants of the event will be held to a high standard of behavior, communication, and action. Participants are expected to represent the event in a professional and courteous manner and are strictly prohibited from engaging in communication or actions that could be considered vulgar, toxic, antagonistic, inflammatory, threatening or generally misrepresent the Administration in relation to the event at any time.

Gameplay Settings
All Event Games will be played using the in-game “Ranked” settings for all 4v4 game modes.

Microsoft Accounts
Players must have a Microsoft account linked to an Xbox Live account in good standing. These Rules are in addition to the Microsoft Services Agreement, the Microsoft Privacy Statement, and any other policies or terms applicable to the use of Xbox Live in connection with any portion of the Competition (“Xbox Live Terms”). Players must be able to access and use their personal
Xbox Live and Microsoft accounts as they will require them for the event.

You can download and read the full ruleset PDF for the tournament by clicking the button below:

Armageddon Esports Open Ruleset

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