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Airsoft is a fast-growing, action-packed internationally popular sport involving air-powered replica firearms. It's like a video game - but in real life!

Airsoft taggers (guns) are also highly popular for use in TV and moving products appearing programs like Marvel’s Agents of Shield.

This engaging sport offers a wide variety of options for both casual gamers and hardcore enthusiasts. Game options include simple, quick objectives or complex military simulations and can last from a few minutes to a few hours!

Airsoft taggers fire 6mm plastic BB's that hit with less impact than the more well known Paintball markers. Airsoft taggers and gear look realistic which makes the whole gaming experience far more immersive.

The Apocalypse Crew are in attendance this year so come check out the range of amazing Airsoft taggers and gear at the Apocalypse Airsoft booth. Talk to our friendly team and Airsoft club reps about the sport, the gear, or joining a club in your area.

Get up close with the gear and have a blast peppering targets in our fun, family-friendly Shooting Gallery. Suitable for all ages.

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