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(copying from Wikipedia here guys) - An anime music video (AMV) known in wasei-eigo as MAD (music anime douga) typically is a fan-made music video consisting of clips from one or more Japanese animated shows or movies set to an audio track, often songs or promotional trailer audio. The term is generally specific to Japanese anime, however, it can occasionally include American animation footage or video game footage. AMVs are not official music videos released by the musicians, they are fan compositions which synchronize edited video clips with an audio track.

Top entries will be screened on the event Main Stage screens before each cosplay contest.
Overall winner will be announced Monday April 15th.

1st prize - $400
2nd prize - $150
3rd prize - $50


All AMVs must meet the following requirements:

  • Originality: Any AMV entered into the event contest MUST be created (edited together) by the entrant. Any entry that is found to be submitted under false circumstances will be disqualified immediately.
  • Time Length: AMVs must be at least 1 minute in length and no longer than 6 minutes.
  • Format: AMVs must be submitted in .MP4 video format, maximum 1080p HD resolution, no larger than 100MB. Your submission must include your name (and, if applicable, pseudonym) of the editor or editors of the video, and a list of all songs, as well as animated series used.
  • Animation: AMVs must feature animation. No videos featuring live action films or TV shows will be accepted. Whether the animation was created in Japan, the US, or elsewhere does not matter. Also, the animation can be derived from many different mediums, such as feature films, television shows, video games, etc.
  • Content Rating: AMVs must meet the standard of a “PG-13” level of content (no graphic nudity/sexual references or content/violence/F-bombs). Judges have the right to decide whether the video exceeds these standards.
  • Creator(s): AMVs must be the work of the entrant (if a group of people work together on an AMV, all individuals must be included)
  • All entries must be received by FRIDAY MARCH 29TH. You may submit as early as you like, the sooner the better!

Entrant Considerations:

  • If an entrant would like their AMV to be viewed, but not judged, they will be allowed to enter it as an exhibition. This also applies to videos that include live action clips.
  • Each entrant will only be allowed to enter one AMV to be judged.


* Please be aware that by submitting an entry to the Armageddon Expo Animated Music Video contest you agree to and permit Armageddon Expo to display, use, and or distribute the submitted materials as it deems appropriate. If you have any questions, please e-mail: [email protected]

** Armageddon Expo reserves the right to amend these rules if necessary, as well as limit the number of entries to the AMV contest, additionally, judges decisions are final and no debate will be entered into.


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