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Auckland 2014 Event Review

Friday 31 Oct 2:34 PM

Auckland’s biggest expo is done for the year with a record breaking 70,000 attendees, three and a half days of madness and mayhem are now behind us.

So much #AwesomeNessNess

Highlights vary depending on what you attended the event for, however, in no particular order…


All five massive gaming areas were in full action mode non-stop during the event, with the League of Legends area in particular proving to be exceedingly popular. The numerous gaming previews from Call of Duty and Disney Infinity, to the Halo and PlayStation zones attracted continuous attention from attendees. Add to this the large retail gaming presence of EB Games, Noel Leeming and Mighty Ape and you have lots of very happy gamers.


Armageddon is always host to a diverse range of guests, this year’s event stars proved to be very very popular. With something for Dragonball Z, Ben 10, and Regular Show fans, Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic readers, Fantasy novel fans and then everything from Doctor Who, Stargate, Breaking Bad, Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural and so much more. Richard Dean Anderson and Jenna Coleman proved exceedingly popular, with many Stargate and Doctor Who fans queuing for autographs and photos.

Special events

This year’s Wrestling was more popular than ever, with Hacksaw Jim Duggan bringing in the classic wrestling fans, the amusement rides had their busiest year yet and the main stage screenings, panels and contests were in constant demand. The main floor had huge responses with the Nerf area and many others busy with customers from start to finish.


This year’s event saw an expansion into new halls and added a number of new exhibitors from around NZ and the World. With demand greater than ever, an estimated seven MILLION dollars was spent at the event.

Cosplay and fans

As always, some incredible costume exhibits were present at the event, with many cosplayers planning well ahead with spectacular results. The Cosplay rooms and all new lounge were well received.

Thanks to all those who exhibited, the staff that make the event what it is, the fans and attendees who always bring the fun and the guests who spread the word of how incredible New Zealand is to visit. Plans are already well underway for our TWENTIETH anniversary event on October 23-26th 2015.

Changes that you can expect based on feedback and our own observations of the event include the following…

Opening Hall Six (the outside hall) and moving the Wrestling, trading cards and adding a Leaping Tiger games area. The door sales marquee will be placed next to this so that attendees visit this hall first.

Moving the celebrity signing area into Hall 5a (next to the Logan Campbell Theatre) to allow more room for organization of an increasing queue area as well as the introduction of a virtual queue system to reduce line-waiting times.

Widening aisles even further in all halls. We expanded the event this year, but with the increase in attendance this simply absorbed and managed the space. 2015 will see changes to this, in particular in halls one and two, where we will be removing some sections to provide the space needed and move some to the area previously taken up by celebrity signings in hall two.

Sound reduction - This was an issue in hall one in particular. 2015 will see the removal of the wrestling from hall one and then an additional wall/curtain area to divide the hall more and reduce sound between the larger and smaller stands.

Food, cash machines and EFTPOS - While there were 40% more food vendors present, the wait time for food was still too long and as such, more will be added next year. The addition of two ASB Cash machines at the event helped, however a delay with Armourguard in opening them on Saturday was a considerable inconvenience, which we will be speaking to them about. While many exhibitors had EFTPOS, the almost EMP like issue with multiple cell users at the event is a considerable problems on the Saturday that we will be addressing.

As always, we are looking towards the future. 2015 will be our TWENTIETH year and a number of exciting NEW events are planned including…

- Kids Fair (January) and Indulge (October/November). Two new, different events in Auckland oriented towards children and women specifically (and very different to Armageddon)

- A Doctor Who convention in April (To Be Confirmed, keep your fingers crossed)

- The Thrilling Adventure Hour. A Sydney/Wellington theatre tour in May of the podcast sensation from America with an all-star international celebrity line-up

- NZ Comic Con. A city wide festival, taking place around the Wellington Armageddon event in July

- Twentieth anniversary party and special events in October during the Auckland expo on October 23-26th

Additionally, we will soon be announcing guests and special events for the upcoming March tour in Dunedin (Feb 28/March 1st), Christchurch (March 7/8th at our new larger venue, the Horncastle arena) and Hamilton (March 14/15th), with some new additions including DINSOSAUR VS. ZOMBIE areas and more.

Please visit the events Facebook and Twitter for the latest details on these events.



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